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Wrap Around Heat Pack Groovy Flowers Khaki

Wrap Around Heat Pack Groovy Flowers Khaki

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Hey there fellow pain warriors! Are you tired of feeling like a grumpy old dragon with all those aches and pains? Well, fear not! These Wrap Around Heat Packs are here to save the day and make you feel like a spry little fairy again. Made with adjustable cotton straps that fit all sizes, these packs are the ultimate hands-free solution for all your pain-relieving needs.

Crafted by the magic hands of Australian elves, these packs are filled with Australian lupins that have been enchanted to retain heat for hours, so you can enjoy maximum relief. The six channels of lupins also ensure that the heat is evenly distributed, so no more hotspots!

Measuring at 38cm x 18cm (when filled) and 180cm total length including straps, these heat packs are perfect for tying around your sore spots and making you feel like a happy little unicorn again.

These packs are so versatile, they can even alleviate the pain caused by your boss's terrible jokes. So whether you're dealing with stiff necks, sore shoulders, menstrual cramps, lower back pain, aching knees, or even just a broken heart, these packs have got you covered.

Don't wait, grab one of these funky Wrap Around Heat Packs today and turn your pain into laughter. It's time to unleash your inner fairy and live your best pain-free life!

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