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Wrap Around Heat Gum Blossom

Wrap Around Heat Gum Blossom

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Hey y'all, pain can be such a buzzkill! But fear not, because these Wrap Around Heat Packs are here to save the day. Made with Australiana lupins and designed with Gum Blossom patterns, these handcrafted heat packs from Australia are the ultimate solution for anyone looking for hands-free relaxation and relief.

The adjustable cotton straps ensure that they fit all sizes, and with six channels of lupins, you can say goodbye to hotspots and hello to evenly distributed heat. Plus, the natural filling retains heat longer, ensuring maximum relief for your sore muscles and joints.

Whether you're dealing with sore shoulders, tight necks, period cramps, lower backs, aching knees, sport-induced soreness, or stomach pain, these heat packs have got your back. And with easy heating and cooling instructions, you can warm them up in the microwave or chill them in the freezer to suit your needs.

These high-quality and ethically made products come with a free gift box, making them an excellent choice for anyone looking for a thoughtful present. So don't wait another minute, grab one of these funky Wrap Around Heat Packs today and start feeling the relief!

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