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Eye Pillow - Groovy Flowers Khaki (In Lavender)

Eye Pillow - Groovy Flowers Khaki (In Lavender)

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Far out, man! Eyepillows are like, totally groovy for so many things, you know? Like, if you've got a headache or a migraine, they can ease that pain and help you feel way more chill. And if your peepers are feeling sore, they'll totally help with that too. Plus, they're primo for helping you get into a peaceful state and drift off to dreamland.

Dude, the best part is that you can use 'em hot or cold or just chillin' at room temp, whatever floats your boat. They're small enough to fit right over your eyes or you can use 'em as a lil' heat pack for any other part of your bod.

And get this, man - these bad boys are made right here in Australia using all natural cotton, wheat, and your choice of lavender or rose (or no scent at all, if that's more your vibe). They're the ultimate addition to any home, dude.

And if you're looking to spread some love, each eyepillow comes with its own gift box so you can send some good vibes to your friends and fam. Peace out!

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