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DIY Optical Illusion Spinners

DIY Optical Illusion Spinners

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Step right into the enchanting universe of Optical Illusions with our exciting DIY Optical Illusion Spinner! 

This awesome set mixes art with science to captivate and teach. Spin your way through mesmerising motion and mind-bending effects using 6 dazzling discs. Plus, unleash your imagination on a bonus blank disc to create your very own masterpiece!

What's inside:

1 x Solid Wooden Spinner Base: Built tough for small hands.
6 x Printed Black & White Illusion Discs: Already mind-blowing and ready to be customised!
1 x Blank Disc: Your personal canvas for crafting something extraordinary.
1 x 4-pack of Markers: Unlock endless creativity with every color of the rainbow!

Prepare to spin, create, and be amazed!

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