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DIY Magic Vault

DIY Magic Vault

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Embark on a magical journey with our DIY Magic Vault kit!

Discover the art of illusion as you build and decorate your very own Magic Vault. This hands-on project is more than just fun—it’s a chance to wow your friends with the disappearing coin trick! Perfect for all aspiring magicians!

Why you'll love it:

Magical Illusions: Watch as coins vanish into thin air using our special illusion mirror!
Creative Construction: Build your own vault from scratch and sharpen your building skills.
Fun & Educational: Learn the secrets of magic while having a blast, sparking curiosity and creativity.

What's inside:

  • Flat-packed Box: Easy-to-assemble parts for your Magic Vault.
  • Illusion Mirror: The key to mastering the disappearing coin trick.
  • Colorful Markers: Customize your vault with vibrant, safe-to-use colors.
  • Simple Instructions: Step-by-step guide to build and perform your magic trick.

Unveil the mysteries of magic and make your next project enchanting!

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