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Eye Pillow - Black Pebbles (In Lavender)

Eye Pillow - Black Pebbles (In Lavender)

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Check it out, party people! The brand spanking new Black Pebbles eye pillow design by Kasey Rainbow is here and it's wild! Featuring a groovy rainbow leopard print on a bright orange background, this eye pillow is sure to bring some good vibes to your chill sesh.

And let's talk about the magic of eye pillows, man. They're all about that weight on your eyes, which can help soothe headaches, migraines, and sore peepers without having to fuss with heating or cooling. Plus, the gentle pressure can help calm your mind and bring on some sweet dreams. So whether you're winding down after a yoga class or just need to catch some Z's, this eye pillow has got your back (or, uh, your eyes). And if you want an extra chill experience, just pop it in the fridge and enjoy the cool vibes. Peace out!

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