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Eye Pillow - Groovy Flowers Black (In Lavender)

Eye Pillow - Groovy Flowers Black (In Lavender)

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Yeah, baby! Eyepillows are the bee's knees for so many things, like easing headaches and migraines, helping tired eyes, and getting you ready to catch some serious z's, baby.

They're versatile, too, groovy cats! You can use 'em hot, cold, or just cool as a cucumber, depending on your vibe. And they're just the right size for covering your eyes or using as a mini heat pack wherever you need it, baby.

These babies are made in Australia from all natural cotton and wheat, with your choice of lavender or rose scent (or unscented, if that's more your bag). They're the perfect addition to any pad, baby.

And check this out, gang - each eyepillow comes with its own gift box, making it an awesome present for your friends and loved ones. Oh, behave!

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