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Eye Pillow - Groovy Flowers Orange (In Lavender)

Eye Pillow - Groovy Flowers Orange (In Lavender)

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Hey, groovy cats! When it comes to eye pillows, the key is all about that weight, man. The gentle pressure on your peepers is where it's at for easing headaches, migraines, and soothing sore eyes. And the best part? You don't need to heat 'em up or cool 'em down, dude - they work their magic just fine at room temperature.

But that's not all, man. These groovy little pillows are also primo for helping you relax and catch some z's. The weight on your eyes sends a signal to your noggin to chill out and stop scanning for stimulation through those eyelids (even though they're shut tight, you dig?), which helps calm down a mind that's racing with thoughts about the day's happenings. You may have even experienced their peace-inducing powers during a yoga class, man!

And if your peepers are feeling extra sore or you've got a headache or migraine, a cold eye pillow can be a real treat, dude. Check out below for some tips on how to cool 'em down. Far out!

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