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Eye Pillow - Cheetah Rainbow (In Lavender)

Eye Pillow - Cheetah Rainbow (In Lavender)

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Get ready to shine bright with the new Cheetah Rainbow design by Kasey Rainbow! This eye pillow features a colorful rainbow leopard print on an orange background that will add a burst of sunshine to your relaxation routine.

Not only is it stylish, but the weight of the pillow on your eyes can help ease headaches, migraines, and soothe sore eyes, without the need to heat or cool it. Use it to wind down and drift off to dreamland as the weight on your eyes sends a signal to your brain to slow down and stop searching for stimuli, giving you a peaceful night's sleep. You may have experienced its magical powers during yoga class!

For extra relief, try using a cold eye pillow to soothe sore eyes or headaches. Keep it cool with the tips below and bask in the warm glow of relaxation.

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