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Wrap Around Heat Banksia Pod

Wrap Around Heat Banksia Pod

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Let the toasty warmth of our wheat bag penetrate your achy muscles (think tense shoulders or stiff necks!) and get ready for some increased blood flow action!

This process helps to unravel stubborn knots and ease muscle pain, making it simple, natural, and downright effective!

Not only are wheat bags perfect for winter snuggles, but their versatile shape means they're cozier to hold and snuggle up with than a hot water bottle.

Whether you're chilling on the couch or warming your frosty toes, wheat bags are the ultimate relaxation remedy.

Introducing our exclusive Banksia Pod Design, created by the fabulous local artist Sarah Migliaccio, featuring native Australian flora and fauna. Wrap yourself up in sunshine, hope, and happiness with the front-printed eye mask and a delightful soft Tumeric-coloured cotton backing.

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